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Our commitment is to inspire people to achieve. Empower businesses to become the best they can be.


Sierra Adventures can help you realize your dreams, no matter what your current situation or your budget.

Sierra Adventures Offers Business Consulting Services


Simply Put.  Our Mission Is Your Success!


Your business is like a handmade quilt.  Each piece is unique.


Sierra Adventures’ mission is to network small businesses across a 30,000 square mile region located east of the Sierra Nevada crest and to help them get their business message delivered farther and wider beyond county lines.


Sierra Adventures offers Affordable Business Consulting Services to small businesses located in the High Sierra region.   

Sierra Adventures offers a FREE,  no obligation, initial consultation.  If you have been struggling to increase your bottom line, seeking a third party opinion may be all you need.  As they say, "two heads are better than one."  Collaborating  with experts about your ideas and dreams might be all you need.  Our goal is to help you make your dreams a reality.


Sierra Adventures uses its friendly website, Chamber Membership, strategically located Regional Visitor Center, Pamphlet Distribution Program, Marketing expertise and Website development and Social Media skills to help small businesses expand their message to a broader audience and greater network of people. 

Our professionals have extensive small business experience.  Their love of creating so many businesses over the last 35 years has now turned into a new and exciting adventure, not just a career.  Sierra Adventures has become a reality.  It gives us great joy to share our business acumen, knowledge and experiences with other small businesses.

Pick up the phone and give us a call at 775-229-3140 or fill out the Contact Form.



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