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Mimi Garner for District 5 Supervisor.


My name is Mimi Garner and I want to be your next County Supervisor. 


 I have been a California real estate broker since 1999. I have been selling property in Plumas County since 1995 when I bought, developed and sold 400 Gold Mountain home sites in four summer seasons.  and owned and operated the Nakoma Resort and Spa and Dragon golf course all located within the boundaries of  District 5.


This may be the first time that a woman Realtor has run for office for District 5 Supervisor. My mantra is "I do as I promise" and “bringing common sense to government.” I am well qualified for the position.  

One of my goals is create a program to draw visitors to Plumas County using the 9% TOT taxes (Transient Occupancy Tax) paid by these visitors during their hotel, motel and, vacation rental  stays in Plumas County.  It's time to return it proportionately back to the five Plumas County districts from which it was generated and collected. That money should be set aside by each district and applied to marketing the region to tourists.  It should also be used to subsidize the community services districts that assist visitors during their stays.  Such as fire departments, EMTs, hospitals, water and sewer utilities and recreation districts.


This bed tax should be used to purchase billboard space in the Bay Area and the referral leads generated would be assigned to real estate brokers and agents that sign up for the program.  When the broker or agent sells a property to a referral lead, they would donate a 20% referral fee back to the program guaranteeing the program can become self-funded, self sustaining and robust.


If you are a registered voter of District 5, I urge you to vote for me. On June 7, 2022  If you are not yet registered please contact me and I will personally deliver to you a voter registration form.


I also enthusiastically support tourism through increased recreation which will draw visitors to our great outdoors and entice visitors to live, work, play and stay here.

In closing,  I welcome your suggestions and feel free to call me any time.  


Mimi Garner

775-229-3140 Text of Call



As your next county supervisor, I would like to form a Blue Ribbon Commission made up of local high schoolers to educate the Board of Supervisors of the needs of youth in our community.  Youth wanting to live and work in Plumas County can guide the Supervisors with visions for their futures.


My goal is help Seniors in District 5 get the services they need delivered to them within District 5 boundaries, such as, adequate and affordable senior housing, civic center for indoor recreation, senior transportation, senior skilled nursing facilities and other services providing them a wonderful quality of life.

Small Businesses

Is a small businesswoman all my life and going on 42 years, I know that small businesses are the backbone of the country.  I will support all efforts presented to the board of supervisors that help small businesses increase revenues and become prosperous.  Most of our small businesses are dependant on tourism and recreation.  The beauty of the mountain and the serenity of Plumas County  draw visitors from all over the natiion.  The transient occupancy taxes (9% charged the visitor on hotel, motel and vacation rental homes stays) should be allocated back to the district based upon its proportionate share collected and used to fund marketing and tourist programs and our chambers of commerce. 

Tourism and Recreation

Tourism and recreation are the reason visitors come to Plumas County.



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