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Welcome to Sierra Adventures

company biography


Sierra Adventures has been  Independently Owned and Operated by Mimi Garner since 2012.  Seeing the need to entice new visitors to the undiscovered and unknown region, she started an online Tourist Information website and has been helping small businesses with Business Consulting and Real Estate Services.  


Sierra Adventures has been successfully promoting the high Sierra region on its website. Mimi Garner has been aggressively promoting the region since 1995 when she established the  nationally acclaimed Nakoma Resort, Gold Mountain development and Dragon golf course located outside of Graeagle, CA.


Garner states, "My goal is to connect visitors and its citizens to local businesses in the Sierra Adventures region year round." 

Garner has been a creative businesswoman since graduating from college.  Garner's businesses have included working with Independent banks in the 1980's providing computer programming services and asset

liability management products.  In the 1990's, Garner operated a very successful gourmet baby vegetable farming operation in Baja California Sur, Mexico which grew to some 6,000 acres and exported produce around the world.  

In the early 2,000's, Garner established one of the first environmentally sensitive, golf  development communities called Gold Mountain.  Upon the completion of the Dragon golf course, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation proposed an original 1924 clubhouse design from Frank Lloyd Wright's archives  Wright named the clubhouse design "Nakoma" -- a Chippewa Indian word which means "I do as I promise."   

The clubhouse, became the center piece of the Gold Mountain community along side the challenging championship Dragon "Send Me Your Heroes" golf course designed by renowned golf architect Robin Nelson of the Mana Lani and Kapalua fame.  

The Gold Mountain community was master planned by Taliesin Architects, Scottsdale, AZ a subsidiary of  the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Wright School of Architecture. Garner got the project showcased in Architectural Digest, Forbes Magazine, Golf Magazine, Golf For Women Magazine, Links Magazine and on the Golf Channel, just to name a few.












"Another goal of Sierra Adventures' is to educate folks about the premier outdoor recreation and tourist destinations in the high Sierra region.  The Sierra Adventures website offers a place to find what visitors and citizens need to LIVE  WORK  STAY  SHOP  PLAY  VISIT.   When small businesses in the region join the Association, they'll reap rewards by getting their message delivered farther and wider. " says Garner.


The Sierra Adventures region covers some 30,000 square miles,  a watershed territory stretching from the Oregon border to Yosemite National Park and east from the Pacific Crest Trail to northern Nevada including Sparks, Reno and Carson City.   The Region offers some of the most astounding scenic beauty in the nation.   We invite you to enjoy all the benefits of Association 




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