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Bizz Johnson Trail

Named in honor of Former Congressman Harold T. 'Bizz' Johnson this 29 mile trail gracefully works it's way from Susanville to Westwood through pristine forests.  Hiking, Horseback Riding, Bicycling, Fishing. For complete info call the BLM Susanville Office (530) 257-0456. 


Blue Lake Trails

NRT encircles Blue Lake in the South Warners and High Grade NRT runs through the heart of the North Warners.


Cascades Trail

Length: 1 mile

Level: Moderate

Hike Time: Half Hour (one way)

This popular trail follows Spanish Creek to a set of five small but impressive falls. Take HWY 70 northwest from the visitors center in Quincy for 5.1 miles to the second highway sign marked "Old Highway". Turn right and follow the paved road .7 of a mile east past several homes. Turn left onto a rough dirt road and follow it .4 of a mile to a rocky paking area. The creek is on the left and the trailhead is just in front and slightly to the right. The trail is mostly wide, smooth and level, but narrows in some steep spots and can be slippery. There is also a small narrow bridge across a steep area with only one handhold, but the bridge is strong. The trail offers some nice scenery and swimming holes and is especially enjoyable during fall foliage season. It was originally built to transport water for hydraulic mining and was used as a supply road for the Western Pacific Railroad.


Chambers Creek Trail

Length: 4.5 miles

Level: Difficult

Hike Time: 5 Hours (one way)

This trail begins off HWY 70 across from the Indian Jim Campground 6.5 miles south of Belden. It starts on an abandoned PG&E maintenence road and fords Granite Creek. The trail leaves the road about a half-mile from the start. It's a steady ascent up the mountain, with lots of wildflowers and flowering shrubs. Watch out for poison oak. At the steel bridge (2-3 hours) is a great view of the stream. The trail becomes steeper and rougher past the bridge. From here you can hike toward Chambers Peak or go ahead to the off-road-vehicle road and Ben Lomond Peak and various small lakes in the High Lakes region.


Domingo Springs Trail

Length: 7 Miles

Level: Moderate

Hike Time: Over 2 hours (one way)

The trailhead is located off of Feather River Drive northwest of Chester just past Domingo Springs Campground. Ice cold water is available from a faucet at the springs, which are surrounded by lush ferns and watercress. The hike goes into Lassen Volcanc National Park.


Humbug Summit to Humboldt Peak

Length: 6 Miles

Level: Easy

Hike time: 2 Hours (1 way)

The trailhead for this slightly uphill hike is located about 19 miles off HWY 89 (west shore) on Humbug Road. After leaving the highway, continue straight (do not turn) at the intersections to stay on Humbug Road. The road is a bit rough, but passable in a two-wheel drive vehicle. Parking and the trailhead is past Humbug Summit at Cold Spring, a fresh water spring. This leg of the Pacific Crest Trail has spectacular views.


Lake Almanor Recreation Trail

Length: 11 Miles

Level: Easy

Hike Time: 3 Hours (1 way)

Available to cross country skiers and bicyclists as well, this paved, barrier-free trail follows the west shore of the lake. Offering numerous scenic vistas and interpretive sites. The southern trailhead is at the Canyon Dam boat launch, off HWY 89. To reach the Northern access, turn northeast on the unpaved road opposite Humbug Road turnoff on HWY 89. The trailhead is less than a quarter mile down, before the archery range. 


Long Lake Trail

Length: Three-quarters to 2.75 miles

Level: Moderate

Hike Time: Half hour to 1.5 hours

This trail takes off from either the road leading past Lakes Basin Campground or the road to Gray Eagle Lodge, both located off Gold Lake Road south of Graeagle. The Lakes Basin Campground is off Gold Lake Road about 6.5 miles from HWY 89, with a paved road leading to the trailheads. Head straight ahead on the easy, but boulder-strewn and well-worn pathway which has typical high elevation lodgepole, white pine, Jeffrey pine and white fir cover. Long Lake is the second largest and one of the prettiest lakes in the Lakes Basin. The Gray Eagle Lodge turnoff is about 5 miles up Gold Lake Road from HWY 89; Turn right and continue a bit over a quarter mile to the signed trailhead turnoff just west of Gray Eagle Creek. The trail climbs gradually nearly 3 miles past the Lily Lake Trail and Grassy Lake Trail intersection and Long Lake to the Mount Elwell and Mud Lake Trails. There are several loops and alternative paths along the way, each taking you to cool mountain lakes and eventually to the Pacific Crest Trail.


Indian Falls Trail

Length: Quarter mile

Level: Moderate

Hike Time: 15 Minutes (round trip)

This is a quick, but moderately steep trail that takes you to a beautiful waterfall on Indian Creek south of Greeville. The falls have significant mythological importance to the local Maidu Indian Tribe. A parking area for the trail is located on the east side of HWY 89, just north of Indian Falls Road, which is about two miles north of the intersection of HWYs 89 and 70. The trail drops quickly to the creek, a favorite local summertime swimming hole.


Juniper Lake/Mt. Harkness Trail

Length: 5.5 Miles

Level: Difficult

Hike Time: 3.5 Hours ( Round Trip)

This loo[ trail lies just inside Lassen Volcanic National Park. Follow Feather River Drive northwest of Chester and take the right fork 11 miles to the Juniper Lake campground. The trail climbs to 8,000 feet and offers dramatic views of remote park beauty. 


Mill Creek Trail (Bucks Wilderness)

Length: 9.5 miles

Level: Moderate

Hike Time: 6 hours (one way)

This is a pleasant, relatively flat hike with beautiful meadows and tall trees. There are three trailheads: Mill Creek Campground; along Mill Creek Road; and the more popular trailhead at Bucks Creek on Bucks Lake Rd, a 1/2  mile west of Whitehorse Campground. From the latter trailhead, the 1st 4 miles lay along the northeast shore of Bucks Lake. Cross Mill Creek and passed Mill Creek Campground trailhead. Head north 1.5 miles and intersect Mill Creek Rd. After this intersection in less than a mile you intersect the Mill Creek Trailhead access on the creeks west side A sign here indicates the Pacific Crets Trail intwrsection is 3 miles and 3 Lakes is 4 miles.


Red Fir Nature Trail

Length: Quarter Mile

Level: Easy

Hike Time: 15 Minutes (round trip)

This is an easy trail that leads past informative signs that interpret the changes occurring in a red fir stand. The trailhead is located on the dirt road leading to Mills Peak Lookout. Look for a sign to Mills Peak located on the east side of Gold Lake Road just south of Gold Lake. Continue your drive to the lookout for a fantastic view of the Mohawk Valley.


Round Valley Lake Trail

Length: 1 mile

Level: Easy

Hike Time: 1 Hour (round-trip)

From Greenville, take Greenville- Round Valley Road. In 3 miles you will come to the lake, the dam will be to your right. Parking is available at the trailhead on the left. The walk is about a one-mile loop with approximately a 500-foot incline. There are a number of interpretive signs along the way. At the summit you will find picnic tables. The return trip is a bit steeper, but there are several benches on which you can rest.


Willow Lake to Terminal Geyser

Length: 3 miles

Level: Easy

Hike Time: I hour (one way)

This popular hike begins at Willow Lake, northwest of Chester. Follow Forest Service roads off Feather River Drive. Turn right at the sign to Willow Creek. The trailhead with parking and restrooms is located on the east side of the lake and continues to an active volcanic thermal area.


Yellow Creek Trail

Length: 1.5 miles

Level: Easy

Hike Time: 1 hour (one way)

Take HWY 70 about 28 miles west of Quincy to the Eby Stamp Mill rest area opposite Belden. Trailhead is just to the right of the stamp mill. The trail runs about 100 feet above and along the creek and ends at a box canyon and a modern miner's camp. Live oak and Douglas fir are predominent and there are colorful pools in the stream.

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