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Lassen County is located just south of Modoc County which borders the state of Oregon.  It's largest city is Susanville which is located 85 miles north of Reno, NV via Hwy 395.


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Cities in Lassen County:


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Susanville, the county's government seat,  was named after Susan Roop, daughter of Isaac Roop, an early settler and the city was established in 1900.  It is currently home to the High Dessert State Prision, a maximum-security facility which opened in 1995.  


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Photo left is view of Mount Shasta from Lassen Peak. The Lassen area was first protected by being designated as the Lassen Peak Forest Preserve. Lassen Peak and Cinder Cone were later declared as U.S. National Monuments in May 1907 by President Theodore Roosevelt.


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