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Nevada County was created in 1851 from parts of Yuba County.  The county was named after the mining town of Nevada City, a name derived from the term "Sierra Nevada." The word nevada is Spanish for "snowy" or "snow-covered.  


The Sierra Adventures Chamber serves the eastern half of Nevada county from the Pacific Crest Trail to the stateline of Nevada.  It's major city is Truckee, CA.


Wikipedia Link to Nevad County 


Cities in Nevada County:


Wikipedia Link to Truckee, CA


Truckee was named after a Paiute indian chief  Tru-ki-zo.T he friendly Chief rode toward the whiteman yelling “Tro-kay!”, which is Paiute for “Everything is all right”. The unaware travelers assumed he was yelling his name. Chief Truckee later served as a guide for John C. Frémont.




Photo left is from wikipedia and is of the Truckee River which flows east to Pyramid Lake.


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